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Preston the Ninja

All the babies are growing up; myself and quite a few of my friends were pregnant, and brought beautiful babies into this world last year, and now they are all growing up! ;'(  Preston, is our first Okinawa friends (plane friends!!) second son (woah that seemed like a mouth full!). We've been able to watch this sweet boy grow up over the past year and it's all so bittersweet, because that means that our daughter is growing up too, and I just can't handle it! It also means that our time on Okinawa is quickly coming to a close (crying emoji here) When we were brainstorming ideas for his cake smash, we kept going back to ideas involving Japan, since of course he was born here. Not to long after, Preston's awesome momma decided that they were going to do his first birthday, ninja themed, and ideas were formed! ;)  I was super excited, and Chelsea gave me free reign on the design of this set, she just wanted Ninja! We of course had to add in a Torii gate, that my aweso…

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