Davis- Rothenbusch Marine Corps Homecoming!

Aly and I first started discussing her boyfriend, Jonathon's homecoming about 2 months ago, when she found out a general time frame for when he would be getting home.

However with military homecomings the dates are never for sure until you see the whites of their eyes! 
And unfortunately, even with an exact date, they could be early, on time, or 4-6 hours late. 

The original time was right around 4 PM, and then we were told around 6:15 PM, and then we were told around 7:45 PM. 
We waited outside for a little while, and then waited in the barracks until we got word that they were about 5 minutes away. 

When the guys finally got off of the bus, Jonathon fully surprised Aly by walking up behind the crowd and behind her! 
 This brought screaming and laughter! And obviously a much needed hug from her man! 

 Her boyfriend is enlisted with the United States Marine Corps, and was deployed for 8 months on the 26th Meu, going around the world to help out where ever was needed! 

No matter how many Marines I see coming home, I can never thank them enough for the things that they do for our country! The US military is what keeps us safe at night! So again, thank you for your service Jonathon and welcome home!


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