Rogouski Family

I did Chris & Sherean's holiday photos and I absolutely love this little family of 5! 
Sacara, Riley and Keaton are the adorable little kids

We went out to Hammocks Beach State Park to do their family photos!

Chris and Sherean had a 3rd little one visiting with them for a few days! 
Sacara, Chris' 6 year old daughter
The kids wanted to do more running then picture taking! 

Except then they found this tree, and everybody wanted their picture in the tree!

Sacara found a little caterpillar on the tree they were climbing on, and she wanted to rehome him in a different area of the park. 

I gave the Riley and Sacara glitter and they had tons of fun making everything around them glitterly, along with me! 

There will always be a little sibling rivalry, even though these 3 got along very well during the entire session. 

After the kids running around all over the area, the kids stopped on this tree to play a little.

Keaton really wasn't happy at this point! All he wanted was some candy, which was promised as soon as we were done! 

Once the kids knew that we were done, they were all happy again, because it meant then there would be candy! 


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