Christmas With the Kings

Christmas with the King's, kind of like Christmas with the Kranks but you know not as crazy haha. Who knows though, once more kids are in the mix and everybody gets a little older maybe it will be just as crazy, but probably not, my house probably will be though, because well, I love Christmas, you should have seen my house, we had lights on all three levels plus we had lights strung up across between our house and our neighbors, you could say we take decorating pretty seriously. Or I do, my husband thinks I'm crazy.. I'll even share a photo first so you can see how nuts I am ;) 

Anywho, back to the Kings, they got here on Okinawa about a month before we did and now they are our neighbors, no not the ones we strung lights up with though. They came over to get some Christmas photos done for their cards and man their little boy is just the cutest ;)


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