Baby Colton

Okay so last year was the year of boys right? I do remember saying that last year, well I've had nothing but boys in the studio this year too! I may have been wrong about it being an every other year thing, but we are only half way through the year, so only time will tell!  I've gotten lucky this year and all the little squishys I've had have slept the entire time!! AND I haven't gotten peed on, whoo hoo!  (insert cry laughter here) 
Anywho, this is Colton, and isn't he just the sweetest! Just look at those little rolls and tiny toes!!


This little guy has a big sister and she is doing such a great job but being a big sister is hard work, and having a new baby brother can be so hard! All that sharing that you have to do! Sharing mom, sharing dad, sharing toys, you have to share and well that's the worst (Can you tell I was an only child for the longest time, I'm really the worst at sharing! haha) But, Gracelynn is loving her job and she was loving giving Colton all the kisses I asked her to!


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