Fourth Of July!

What is the 4th of July without some patriotic photos of some super cute kids, and of course some dogs too ;) 
There's just something about summer that calls for some watermelon, even if it's like $20 for a watermelon here in Okinawa, so when I decided to do some Fourth of July mini sessions I knew I just needed some watermelon too!  

After my own kids were done messing around and not wanting to smile for me.. photographers child syndrome.. except not all the time.  I got a few other sweet babes in from of my camera too!! 

Sweet Gracelynn and her baby brother Colton came to visit too! 

And of course sweet Anderson had to visit with us too! It seemed as though only my kids wanted to tear into the watermelon though, we know that everybody loves watermelon but this day they just weren't feeling it! 


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