Cherry Blossoms on Okinawa

When I moved to Maryland I was super excited to be so close to Washington DC to be able to see the Cherry Blossoms and go to the festival every year. We didn't end up going every year, because well, if you've been you know that its packed full of people! But we did go quite a few times, so moving to Okinawa was even more exciting because I get to be super close to all of the Cherry trees to see the blossoms, and go to all the festivals all over the Island.

© Dani K Photography, 2013

© Dani K Photography, 2013

This year we only went to one, we didn't exactly know our way around the Island yet, or where the festivals were taking place, so this year I only got a few photos of the trees, but they were still beautiful! 

We drove up to Mt Yaedake to see the Cherry Blossom's there, and they did not disappoint! 

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