Hannah & Brett - Parents to be

"A brand new adventure is about to begin"- Winnie The Pooh

So first of all, everybody I know is having boys this year,  all my clients are having boys, all my friends are having boys, everybody is having boys, so uh, where are the girls at, the boys are taking over!? No just kidding, boys are so much fun, messy and wild, but so much fun.  
but with that I bet you can guess that this beautiful mama to be will be welcoming a baby boy!  ;) 

 When Hannah contacted me about her maternity session, she said that she wanted gardens and a beach, and then she specifically mentioned wanting Fukushuen gardens in Naha. GUYS! Fukushuen is one of my favorites on the island because of all the Asian architecture, and since the first time I went I  immediately envisioned a red dress to go with all of the gorgeous scenery. So when Hannah asked me my recommendation on which maternity dress she should wear, I immediately suggested this gorgeous red maternity dress and she ( obviously) looks utterly gorgeous! 

After we finished at Fukushen Gardens, which was hard because I could have spent all day there alone! We drove up to Toguchi Beach in Yomitan, Hannah had wanted a sunset for silhouette photos, because Okinawa sunsets are phenomenal, but it unfortunately started raining while we were driving up, so we didn't get enough sun to get a silhouette of her beautiful belly, BUT we still got this absolutely amazing sky and clouds!! 

Interested in booking a session! Awesome! Shoot me an email and we can chat! 

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